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What’s Your Business?

Unicycle Creative helps sustainable business flourish through strong strategy, branding and creative communications.

One Sentence-What Do Your Do? How Has This Changed Over The Life Of Your Business?

I bring creative solutions to my clients’ branding and business communication challenges. I used to think I was there to create the ultimate communications tools. Now I realize a lot of my value is in saving people time. I get it quickly and create stuff that works the first time.

You Are Excited About The Future Because…

Sustainability is in the mainstream like it has never been before. The dinosaurs of the old system may take a long time to evolve, but evolve they will. And in the meantime, awesome new furry mammals are popping up all over the place! Let’s feed them!

Why Is Local Important To You?

The world needs to re-embrace its locality, even as we globalize our awareness. There is a very valuable economy that is getting eaten from above, but it does not have to be that way. Global and local can co-exist in a much better balance. I always look for a local option first when purchasing – food, books, skis, whatever.

Who Inspires You? Who Are Your Local Business Heros/Mentors?

David Suzuki, Gregor Robertson, Mickey McLeod (Salt Spring Coffee), Arran Stephens (Nature’s Path), Peter Ladner, Alvin Wasserman (Wasserman & Partners Advertising), Lloyd Bernhardt (Ethical Bean) etc etc!

What Sustainability Practice/Achievement Are You Most Proud Of?

As an independent, I am proud to have worked with a locally-owned major retailer (London Drugs) and help them go from not knowing how to tell their sustainability story, to extending sustainability thinking throughout their organization with the What’s the Green Deal program we developed together.

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