New Critical Illness Benefit for LOCO Members

For several years LOCO has been working to create options for small business insurance coverage for extended health, dental and critical illness. With the launch of our Critical Illness Benefit, all owners, employees and their spouses are eligible to apply for $25,000 of Critical Illness Insurance! You can pass it on to your employees without you having to manage or pay for it. We’ve pasted the text of an email below that makes it easier for you to let them know about this benefit of working for a LOCO-member business. Available For a Limited Time for Existing LOCO members – applications accepted until June 15th 2013. Apply online at:


What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance provides financial protection if you are diagnosed with one of 25 illnesses, including cancer, heart attack and stroke.
LOCO’s Critical Illness Insurance plan provides:
• A $25,000 tax-free, lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one
of the covered illnesses.
• Full payment, whether or not you are able to work while you are ill,
and whether or not a full recovery is made.
• Freedom to use the money any way you choose.
To read claims stories about how Critical Illness Insurance can help, visit

How Much Is It?

Comparable individual CI policies ($25K Benefit) would be almost 3 times as much and would require full medical underwriting where you need to complete medical questions, provide family history, and potentially a doctor’s report, blood tests, etc. (*24/24 month pre-existing condition clause does apply)

Use your age, gender and smoking status online to estimate your premium: check your rate here

You can send this offer to your employees to offer them affordable insurance without you having to manage or pay for it. Simply send them the link and the info above.