LOCO celebrates and spreads innovative practices, developing a community based on authentic peer and mentor relationships between local businesses. Our programs are designed to connect and support local, independently owned businesses to compete more effectively in their communities and in a global economic environment.

The Business Clinic

The LOCO Business Clinic is the first stop for local business leaders to get affordable professional advice for their everyday business problems. In a one-hour session, businesses can get quick and professional advice on their most pressing business problems without a long, taxing search or vetting process. Businesses derive immediate value from the session by gaining clarity and insight into the issue at hand, and receive recommendations to specialists within the LOCO network when appropriate. Find out more.

Measure What Matters

The Quick Impact Assessment is a free online tool to help you ‘measure what matters’ for creating local economic impact. Where and how does your business have the greatest local economic impact? Find out more.

Zero Hero

Zero Hero offers a turnkey approach to reducing waste, providing solutions for small to mid-sized businesses based on the success of their peers. The Zero Hero program works with businesses in the Vancouver region, with a focus on restaurant, food service and food retailers. Find out more.