Starworks Packaging and Assembly

What’s Your Business?

Starworks Packaging and Assembly is a Vancouver based contract packager that provides custom hand assembly, fulfillment, kitting, shrink wrapping, packaging services, distribution and warehousing services. Starworks has been serving local businesses, manufacturers, importers and printers since 1999 and prides itself on providing high quality and timely services. With over 45 production workers skilled in hand assembly we are able to turn your high volume product assembly job around quickly and efficiently.

Services Include:

• Product Assembly
• Kitting
• Fulfillment
• Shrink Wrapping
• Heat Sealing
• Post Print Assembly
• Light Manufacturing
• Repack and packaging services
• Inventory management
• Pick and Pack
• Corrective work – relabeling
• Warehousing and Distribution

Why Did You Start Your Business?

Starworks is a local social enterprise, owned and operated by the Developmental Disabilities Association. We started Starworks as we saw a need in the business community for local product assembly and packaging services as well as an opportunity to create competitive employment for individuals who may face barriers to employment.

How Does Your Business Work To Better Our World?

Starworks is an inclusive and diverse work environment that competitively employs 45 individuals with disabilties and barriers to employment.

How Are Your Products/Services Environmentally And Socially Beneficial?

Starworks is a social enterprise operated by the Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) with the goal of creating employment opportunities for individuals who may have experienced barriers to employment. Our parent company the DDA also collects and recycles used clothing and housewares with 100% of proceeds staying local for people with developmental disabilities (white donation bins).

How Do You Support Other Local Businesses?

In addition to purchasing from other local businesses and social enterprises, we love to help people connect and make refers to other local businesses whenever we can.