Pure Souls Media

What’s Your Business?

We are a visual advertising agency specializing emotion driven photography, video and graphic design. We love working with companies and organizations that have heart and a bigger purpose.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

To create imagery that connects with the viewer. We have a saying, “You are what you eat. We are what we create.” It’s these inner mantras that drive us to create works that are authentic in their message. Have depth in their meaning. And have a tangible soul that the viewer can almost taste.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

Gastown has palpable life and texture to it. There is a lot of change and energy flowing around which keeps our senses stimulated. Plus there is an abundance of Chinese food.

What's A Little Known Fact About Your Business?

We have a set of five point antlers on our grass wall.

Too Many Trips, Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tweets...What's Your Favorite Escape?

We escape to nature. Vancouver is blessed with beautiful surroundings and it’s where we relax and recharge. From the high peaks above Pemberton to the rocky beaches on the Gulf Islands. There’s always somewhere new to explore and we welcome old favourites back.

Why Is Local Important To You?

We get to meet the people behind the brands and learn about the work they’re doing that is tailored for our neighbourhood. We live locally and it makes sense to spend our money locally because it has so much more value here than it’s dollar value.