Plannow Technologies Inc

What’s Your Business?

Plannow Technologies Inc ( is a software product development and consulting company.
We offer two key products:
• A state-of the-art Assignment Management and Plagiarism Detection System, specifically developed to cater to the needs of schools and universities
• An advertising and sales platform where businesses can feature and sell their products ( was built specifically to enable local Vancouver businesses to advertise and sell their products and services in an affordable and sustainable fashion. We all know the high costs of advertising, however key to featuring your products and services on this platform is that you will not incur any upfront costs. Only, after a purchase has been made, a small percentage negotiated with you, will be allotted to us for our services. Follow us on twitter at @vancityhometown

We strive for sustainability, affordability, collaboration, collective growth, and support of our local Vancouver business partners.