Pique Ventures

What’s Your Business?

Pique Ventures is a consulting and management company, helping investors and CEOs make critical investment decisions, especially where there is a lot of uncertainty and risk.

Pique Ventures manages Pique Fund, a BC-based angel fund, where people make an impact with their investment dollars in the company of like-minded people. Pique Fund primarily invests in early-stage, revenue-generating, women-led companies, under the themes of Leadership Diversity, Social Technology, and Creative Economy.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

To move money in a more purposeful way. What I really do is help people make more integrated decisions to achieve the outcomes that make them feel happier and more satisfied. Where I’m of most help to people is with financial decisions with uncertainty and risk – that’s why I focus on investment decisions.

What Does It Say On Your Business Card?

Chief Investment Innovator

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

I live in Gastown and work in Chinatown. I walk everywhere and everything is on my doorstep which is very handy when I’m running my own business and have a toddler at home!

Best Kept Secret or Little Known Fact About Your Neighbouhood?

Gastown and Chinatown are experiencing so much change – we try to shop at stores that have been around for ages as well the newer independent shops opening up. I like Boss Bakery, New Town, and Phnom Penh for reliable comfort food. The Pie Shoppe, Deacon’s Corner, Pure Bread, and Alibi Room offer great food, drinks, and treats. At the other end of the spectrum, and this is a function of the diversity of the neighbourhood I live and work in, is PHS’s Needle Collection Service. I feel like business owners in and around the Downtown Eastside should know about this service (many don’t), to report discarded needles in their neighbourhood. It’s unfortunate to encounter needles, but I acknowledge that I chose to live and work in a diverse and dynamic neighbourhood and am glad such a service exists.

The One Piece of Advice You’d Give Other Local Businesses Is….

I’ve been studying what helps people and businesses succeed and my latest observation is the importance of sponsorship. By that, I mean mentorship, connections, and champions. A connection to a significant customer or championing a business through a big transition can mean make it or break it for a business. Sponsorship may also mean investing in other local businesses. Come and talk to me about making integrated investment decisions to help you meet your goals and aspirations!

What’s The Most Important Business Lesson You’ve Learned?

Don’t say no to mentorship. However, there’s always a second chance. Also, income from capital is going to be increasingly important in the future, not just income from our time and labour.

What's The Best Business Move You've Made Recently? The Worst?

Best business move was reconnecting with a former client who understood the value I bring. It’s led to a new exciting opportunity. Also teaming up with others. Pique Ventures is a solo operation (for now), but I work in teams, much like how movie production teams come together to produce a film. I work on new investing initiatives and venture funds in a similar way.

What Local Suppliers (goods or services) Can't You Live Without? Why?

In my field of work, my suppliers are mainly professional services providers, so I couldn’t live without my lawyer. I co-locate at the Nest at Spring Activator (which I co-founded) and am working closely with FrontFundr to market and promote the investment opportunity in Pique Fund, an angel fund where people make an impact with their investment dollars in the company of like-minded people. I’m also going to give a shout out to my husband. He’s a stay-at-home dad and cares for our daughter all day. Without his help, I wouldn’t be able to support and invest in local businesses in the work that I do.

What's A Little Known Fact About Your Business?

Pique Ventures has gone through a few business model iterations and I’ve hosted events throughout it’s 3-4 year evolution. Some of the people who have attended my various events, including the very first one back in 2012, went on to become investors in Pique Fund. I appreciate and am honoured by their loyalty and shared vision!

What Inspires You to Keep Moving Forward?

Meeting people and having conversations about investing in a meaningful way.

Too Many Trips, Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tweets...What's Your Favorite Escape?

Hanging out with my daughter.

How Does Your Business Work To Better Our World?

In the near-term, I’m investing in CEOs that bring a more inclusive, diverse, and positive culture to business. In the long-term, I’m thinking about the information and systems needed for greater social stability and reduced wealth inequality.

How Do You Support Other Local Businesses?

Pique Fund invests in them! And I try to purchase from local businesses as much as possible.