Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

What’s Your Business?

Nestled in the hills of South Kelowna against a backdrop of sweeping lake and valley views lies Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm, a working family farm that has become a garden-inspired tourism destination. 18 different aromatic herbs and plants, including over 60 varieties of lavender, are grown, harvested, dried and distilled on-site for use in the hand-crafted botanical products that fill the farm boutique.

Launched as the Okanagan’s first Économusée site, visitors are invited to discover the traditional craft of essential oil and hydrosol distillation done on the farm. Three acres of garden are also open seasonally for tours, with winding pathways, a cedar hedge maze, whimsical sculptures, water features and herb and xeriscape gardens to discover along the way.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

Our South Kelowna neighbourhood is riddled with small farms, giving a country feel to an urban area. It’s special to find somewhere that offers peace and solitude without having to leave the city.

Best Kept Secret or Little Known Fact About Your Neighbouhood?

There are all sorts of small farms, distilleries and wineries in our area that are open to the public – you could spend an entire day exploring!

What Local Suppliers (goods or services) Can't You Live Without? Why?

Our neighbours at Arlo’s Honey Farm provide us with the beeswax that goes into our lip balm and our solid perfume. We also have some of their hives on our property which allow their bees to forage amongst our lavender and other herbs, creating deliciously flavoured honey. It is quite a special partnership.

What's A Little Known Fact About Your Business?

Our farm property has been in our family since the early 1900s – once part of a larger nursery holding, then planted with apples, today we grow nearly 20 different aromatic herbs and plants. It is an incredible feeling knowing that we are digging in the same dirt that our grandfather and great-grandfather worked in.

What Inspires You to Keep Moving Forward?

We are inspired by the land around us, and the belief that farmland should be farmed. In the midst of our continually evolving society, it is our challenge to adapt, change and grow in a way that keeps our farm relevant to the world we live in.

One Thing That Never Ceases to Amaze You About Doing Business Here Is….

How lucky we are to live and work in a place as beautiful as the Okanagan Valley!

How Does Your Business Work To Better Our World?

Each year we host several events at our farm with proceeds going to various local non-profit organizations. Recently we have been supporting Kelowna’s Building Healthy Families.

How Are Your Products/Services Environmentally And Socially Beneficial?

We believe in the saying: “we don’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children,” and we make every effort to leave our farmland better than we found it. Leftover plant debris is composted on-site, mail order packaging is reused and we absolutely love the challenge of repurposing old treasures into new ones!

Why Is Local Important To You?

When we do our shopping locally, we are helping to build a strong and vibrant community. Our dollars and our support are not going into a large corporation, but into the hands and homes of our neighbours.

How Do You Support Other Local Businesses?

We partner with our neighbours at Arlo’s Honey Farm, we work with several local printing companies to help produce our labels and promotional materials, and when possible we order ingredients from local stores.