Mills Office Productivity

What’s Your Business?

Mills is a local, family owned and operated supplier of stationery, technology products, janitorial services, furniture, printing services and education products.

What Does It Say On Your Business Card?

Brad Mills, CEO – on the front it has Mills and on the back I have the charity I am the Chairman of – HAVE Café.

What did you study in school? What schooling or experience has most impacted how you run your business?

My education started as a teenager in this business. Moving from stocking shelves to eventually becoming the CEO has given me a perspective few have the opportunity to experience. It gives you an appreciation of how hard your employees work and allows you to have an open mind when it comes to change. I am willing to try anything once, and will always make time for those that have solutions rather than just complaints.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

We are located in East Vancouver (Commercial Drive). It’s a great celebration of culture, which reflects on our business. Being able to experience and embrace the different influences around us, allows our company to grow, because open thinking and new ideas are encouraged.

Who inspires you?

The students at HAVE Café. I admire those that are willing to tough it out for the life they want to achieve. Taking risks are hard for even the strongest of us to achieve, let alone someone that has been knocked down time and time again.

What’s the role of sustainability in your business?

Mills is constantly striving to be the leader when it comes to Sustainability – It is who we are. Many companies believe that their environmental and community responsibilities are based mainly on the products they carry, or only act when being sustainable meets their bottom line. Our innovative practices not only set us apart from our competition, but also allow us to help our customers with their own sustainability goals.

What sustainability practice/achievement are you most proud of?

I am proud of the steps we have taken to green our delivery fleet. One of the great partnerships we are lucky to be involved in is with SHIFT and their delivery tricycles.

Young people are our future and to see these students with such a passion for change really inspires me.

How Do You Support Other Local Businesses?

Buying local is very important to us and whenever we can we purchase our products within our community. The business community needs diversity and the cheapest price should not be the only factor in our decisions. Quality and environmental impact should always be factors when making a purchasing decision. We want to give our customers the best options for not only themselves, but the environment they live in as well.