Macinhome Consulting Inc.

Macinhome Consulting Inc. is a full-service Mac IT consulting company providing quality Apple-certified onsite support with unrivaled rapid response times and post-visit assistance. Every Macinhome mobile consultant holds at least Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification, and we are members of the Apple Consultants Network. While we focus on all things Apple, old and new, we do provide support for other operating systems (yes, we have Windows-certified consultants) and third-party hardware to provide you complete solutions and support. We proudly seek environmentally-friendly alternatives. For instance, we employ a web-based customer tracking and invoicing system that allows us to manage everything from mobile technician scheduling to accounts payable, without ever having to print a single page.

Where are you now and where do you want to be? Learn about The Six Stages of Your Relationship with your MAC.

What’s Your Business?

A team of mobile Apple-specialized consultants. We come to you, find out what you do in life or business, help you get your Mac and iOS devices setup perfectly to match your lifestyle, then teach you how to use them.

What Does It Say On Your Business Card?

Fixing the world, one Mac at a time.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

Yaletown. I love how everything is walking distance. Great coffee shops, shopping, water, bridges, movie theatres, a park. So central.

Best Kept Secret or Little Known Fact About Your Neighbouhood?

I am a huge fan of a little family owned smoothie and veggie place called LeafyBox. Go support their business!

The One Piece of Advice You’d Give Other Local Businesses Is….

Fail faster and more often. Talk to more strangers. And do it every day… Talk about your business with enthusiasm and pride. Do that a lot and then go all the way to make people happy even if it means losing money in the short term.

What’s The Most Important Business Lesson You’ve Learned?

Relationships with people are the most important thing. But not just in the context of your business… Get to know people in other contexts too. What’s their favorite band? Hobbies? Travel destinations? Personal or business challenges?

What's The Best Business Move You've Made Recently? The Worst?

Best: Investing in a lot of personal development with amazing introspection tools. Getting to know myself better and cut through the bad habits has been a huge game-changer. I just had to eat some humble pie. Worst: Not putting in enough effort to partner with other vendors or retailers for cross-referral opportunities.

What Local Suppliers (goods or services) Can't You Live Without? Why?

Simply Computing. Great service, nice store, and excellent Apple selection. A huge network of various IT and customer service professionals in Vancouver. Yamato Sushi on Seymour and Davie.

What's A Little Known Fact About Your Business?

We include a 30-day unlimited support warranty in the project work we do.

What Inspires You to Keep Moving Forward?

Seeing all my friends and clients using their technology the slow way! Wasting time, achieving their awesome and inspiring goals slower than necessary.

How Are Your Products/Services Environmentally And Socially Beneficial?

We’re paperless, almost everything online, and we keep our Macs for WAY longer than we should… Because they’re like family to us!

Why Is Local Important To You?

I love Vancouver! Lived here all my life and this city is amazing.

How Do You Support Other Local Businesses?

I’m pretty careful to spend money locally when I can. I like to buy stuff and I feel good about paying more for something that is local and good quality.