What’s Your Business?

Lunapads is an award-winning manufacturer and online retailer of healthy and eco-friendly products that support girls and women’s wellness, from puberty to post menopause. Our vision is to see that the next generation of girls feel proud of their body, feel no shame about her period and becomes her most empowered self. Through our One4Her buy one give one program, we support girls in the developing world by providing them with washable pads so they can stay in school every day of the month and improve their lives through education.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

Lunapads were created in 1993 by founder Madeleine Shaw, in response to health concerns she was experiencing using conventional tampons. Madeleine became interested in developing alternatives to disposable feminine hygiene products in 1993 while pursuing a career as a fashion designer. Since then, Lunapads has gone on to become one of the most highly regarded and popular brands of cloth pads in the world.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

We are located in East Vancouver just south of Commercial Drive in a neighbourhood called Cedar Cottage. We love how accessible it is for everyone (staff and customers included) and the lovely community vibe it has.

Best Kept Secret or Little Known Fact About Your Neighbouhood?

The Vancouver Tool Library and the Commercial Street Cafe are on our block.

How Does Your Business Work To Better Our World?

Lunapads is also home to Pads4Girls, a program that provides cloth pads for girls and jobs for women in developing nations. After travelling to Uganda in 2012 to learn more about the relationship between hygiene and education for girls, Lunapads established One4Her, a buy-one-give-one model that supports AFRIpads, an Ugandan social enterprise.

How Are Your Products/Services Environmentally And Socially Beneficial?

Thanks to customers using our products, over 1 million pads and tampons are being diverted from landfills every MONTH!

Why Is Local Important To You?

Local is important because we want to be a part of a thriving, sustainable community and economy where people and our planet matter.