Kent Employment Law

What’s Your Business?

We are a Vancouver-based employment law firm supporting employers and employees throughout British Columbia on all employment-related legal matters, including employment contracts, wrongful dismissal, employment standards issues, and workplace harassment and discrimination.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

The firm began over 13 years ago as Kent & Company, a one-person practice where founder Simon Kent practiced law out of his home in Vancouver, advising clients on diverse legal problems. While his original aim was to offer full-service legal advice, a portion of Simon’s practice gradually became devoted to employment law matters. As Simon realized that he particularly enjoyed this work – it was challenging, involved real people facing everyday problems and allowed him to help clients regain a sense of the self-worth that can be shaken when the employment relationship ends – he eventually decided to shift gears and focus exclusively on employment law.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

Our office is located in the Fairview area of Vancouver near Granville and Broadway. We love the energy and activity, the great variety of high quality local retailers and restaurants and, of course, the breathtaking view of English Bay

What’s The Most Important Business Lesson You’ve Learned?

Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Figure out what your strengths are, focus on those, and build a stellar team of people to support and complement (as opposed to compliment!) you.

What Local Suppliers (goods or services) Can't You Live Without? Why?

Mills Basics. As committed as we are to reducing our paper consumption and relying on electronic record keeping wherever we can, there’s no escaping the document-heavy nature of the practice of law.

What's A Little Known Fact About Your Business?

We have a secret social media weapon. Practically all of our online content (including our legal blog) is written by Simon’s wife who is both a lawyer and a former English lit major.

What Inspires You to Keep Moving Forward?

The excitement and satisfaction that comes from creating something that benefits others.

How Does Your Business Work To Better Our World?

We support our community by providing pro bono legal services to low-income individuals, free legal education to the public, and by volunteering our time to local organizations. We care for the world as a whole by conducting business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment, which includes partnering with green organizations such as Bullfrog Power, Mills, and Step Forward Paper.

How Are Your Products/Services Environmentally And Socially Beneficial?

The principle of sustainability informs all aspects of our business and the work we do for our clients.

For employers, the firm contributes to positive workplace change by leading companies to join with their employees in a sustainable way. Our lawyers advise businesses on how to adopt “sustainable employment” practices by staying mindful of certain key employee needs (such as fairness, respect, transparency, collaboration and purpose) at every stage of the employment relationship. Wherever possible, we assist employers and employees alike to engage in an enduring, mutually-beneficial working engagement.

For employees, we provide information and education about workers’ rights and the legal process generally. By supporting an employee involved in a workplace dispute, we help “level the playing field” and achieve a just, sustainable outcome – be it job reinstatement, safe and respectful working conditions, or fair compensation.

In 2015, we became the first Canadian law firm to be certified as a B Corp, which we hope will inspire other law firms across the country to use business as a force for good.