Barrelhouse Brine

What’s Your Business?

We’re a small Brinery that is reviving the local knowledge of hand-crafted small batch pickles.

Why Did You Start Your Business?

For some reason all the options on the supermarket shelves were not locally made. All the old famous pickle brands that we grew up with have either closed there doors or moved south of the border. I wanted a high quality ‘Canadian Made’ pickle, not a made in the USA, China or India pickle.

What Does It Say On Your Business Card?

Fresh Pickles, 1/2 Sours and Brine. Local Made.

What's Your Neigbourhood And Why Do You Love It?

We live in EastVan, bought a small apartment before the crazy Realestate boom happened. The neighborhood is small but has a great mix of ethnic backgrounds, restaurants and live music venues.

Best Kept Secret or Little Known Fact About Your Neighbouhood?

The Pickle Baron lives there.

What’s The Most Important Business Lesson You’ve Learned?

Progress not Perfection.

What Local Suppliers (goods or services) Can't You Live Without? Why?

Ironhead Clothing, Doans Craft brewing, Drive Organics, Jefferson’s Barbershop, the Dayton boot company, Bon’s Off Broadway, What’s Up Hotdog, RedCat Records, the WISE Hall, Fett’s Whiskey Bar, Uprising Breads

What's A Little Known Fact About Your Business?

Everything in the jar of Barrelhouse Brine pickles is fresh, except of course for the dried peppercorns.

What Inspires You to Keep Moving Forward?

Buy a jar of Barrelhouse Brine Pickles and take a bite… you’ll see.

One Thing That Never Ceases to Amaze You About Doing Business Here Is….

It’s not always what you know but who you know.

Too Many Trips, Calls, Meetings, Emails, Tweets...What's Your Favorite Escape?

Getting on a motorcycle and going for a ride.

How Does Your Business Work To Better Our World?

We want to help grow the community driven economy, from our farms in the Fraser Valley to the local printer who creates our branding.

How Are Your Products/Services Environmentally And Socially Beneficial?

We offer no spray produce from farms that are less than an hour away from downtown Vancouver.

Why Is Local Important To You?

I want to know that when I spend my money it’s going back into the local community and not a foreign corporation. I like to visit the farms that provide for us and to meet the farmers face to face. Let’s get our hands dirty and grow something wonderful.

How Do You Support Other Local Businesses?

I try to live by the motto of ‘Canadian Made’, I support the little guy/gal.

You Are Excited About The Future Because…

Who doesn’t love a great pickle.