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Ads & Video Ads

From 2012-2013, partnering with Vancity and The Tyee, we were able to offer free advertising to 40+ local businesses and get the message out to consumers about how local businesses keep our communities strong. We had a regular series of ads and several video ads featured on The Tyee throughout the year. Here are a few of the ads we produced.

Here is our video series produced in partnership with Vancity. They aired on The Tyee from December 2012 to December 2013.

Local Business Features

Here’s a 2012/2013 series of articles we seeded with The Tyee to highlight how local businesses work together:

Beautiful Relationships – Crafty Alliances Brew Local Biz Success. Read It Here

Beautiful Relationships – Vancouver’s Tight Knit Garment Industry. Read It Here

Beautiful Relationships – Sweet Cooperation Helps Local Biz Thrive. Read It Here

Beautiful Relationships – Making Local Biz Fizz. Read It Here

Beautiful Relationships – How to Make a Local Biz Salad. Read It Here

Beautiful Relationships – How Five Local Enterprises Thrive Together. Read It Here

Buy Local Week 2013

We are building media attention for Buy Local Week. Here’s some of the media attention for Buy Local Week 2013.

Global News: British Columbians Encouraged to Shop Locally During Holidays

News 1130: BC Retailers Band Together for 2nd Annual ‘Buy LocalWeek’

The Tyee: Five Ways to Take the Corporate out of Christmas

Metro News: Buy Local This Holiday Season, Vancouverites

Business in Vancouver: Buy Local Week Steers B.C. Shoppers Away From the Mall

BC Business: Buying Local Beyond Black Friday

Vancouver Observer: Buy Local Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

Vancouver Is Awesome: Weekly GoodBomb: Buy Local Week 2013

Cowichan Valley Citizen: Shopping Locally Increases The Local Wealth

Whistler Pique: Shopping Local Will Keep Business Strong

Social Media

We’ve organized several social media contests to engage consumers in highlighting which local businesses they can’t live without and why. We’ve received almost 2000 letters from consumers across the province in two contests we’ve run with The Tyee.

Research Studies

In 2013 we released a report quantifying the benefit of local suppliers. Here’s the press we received for our Power of Purchasing report. Find the report on our blog.

The Globe and Mail

The Vancouver Sun

Business In Vancouver

Powell River Peak

Supply Management