Recycling Alternative

What’s your business?

Recycling, shredding and composting collection; waste reduction and zero waste services.

Why Vancouver?

We want to be CLOSE TO THE ACTION! Our inner city location is key to our ‘micro-model’ – collecting, processing and consolidating materials close to where clients are. It greatly reduces our trucking and transportation footprint and keeps us connected.

What did you study in school?

Louise: Political Science, Spanish Literature & Education
Robert: Mechanical Engineering

Why did you start your business?

Galvanized by garbage! Had an epiphany about the term ‘throw away’ and realized there is no such thing! Felt driven to roll up our sleeves and do something about it.

What inspires you to keep moving forward with your business?

There is still so much work to be done, we just keep one recycling bin at a time.

The one piece of advice you’d give other local businesses is….

Stay true to your vision and keep reminding yourself, small and local is beautiful.

Too many trips, calls, meetings, emails, tweets… what’s your favorite local?

Louise: swimming in oceans or lakes
Robert: hitting the slopes when they’re knee deep in powder.

Why is local important to you?

It’s what really matters. It supports people and services in our community by generating economic activity here; circulating revenues to people who live here, work here, raise families here, use services here, and ultimately continue robust and local circulation of economy here.

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