What’s your business?

We are North America’s experts in ethically sourced and environmentally responsible promotional products. We offer insightful and creative solutions to animate your promotional campaigns.

What’s your neighbourhood? How is it important to your business?

We’re located in South East False Creek, close to Olympic Village. We’re located close to a number of our suppliers and printers, and the central location allows our staff to commute by bike, bus or walk. The neighbourhood is an interesting mix of artist studios, semi-industrial operations, offices, park spaces, residential buildings, cafes and restaurants. The mix makes for a dynamic and interesting environment that we’re proud to be a part of.

What’s a little known fact about you or your business?

Our first location was a residential garage on Vancouver’s Westside. The new, larger location we moved into 3 years ago is a renovated industrial space with an overhead garage door that reminds us of the old days.

Why is local important to you?

We like supporting local business peers – beyond the obvious community economic development and environmental wins – there is sound business strategy in local sourcing. Having suppliers in the region allows us greater control over quality and the ability to fulfill re-orders quickly.

What local suppliers (goods or services) can you not do without? Why?

We love our local printers and embroidery vendors – our favorite is across the street – makes ‘shipping’ between offices as simple as a 2 minute walk with the dolly.

How do you support other local businesses?

Many of our clients specifically request locally sourced products, so we’re often purchasing the goods and services from local vendors. We have a list of companies we work with regularly, and are always looking to add to it with new partnerships.

What sustainability practice/achievement are you most proud of?

The Fairware Supplier Code of Conduct sets the standards we encourage our suppliers to meet. It’s based on the Fair Labor Associations Code of Conduct, and we ask all our suppliers to sign off that they meet the standards. We have also worked to meet the guidelines of some of the most respected sustainable business certifications including qualifying as a BCorp and Category C Licensee of the Fair Labor Association. We’re also proud to be a WEConnect Certified Business and member of the Green Meeting Industry Council.

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