LOCO hosts many events throughout the year designed to connect members and non-members to build relationships, share experiences and build their knowledge.

First Tuesday Business Mixers

Talking Lunch Series

Information Events

2014/2015 Series

First Tuesday Monthly Business Mixers

Our events are hosted by our members. Think factory, store and warehouse tours with good local food, drink and business connections old and new. It’s a chance for our members to get to know each other, strengthen community and leverage our network to support a stronger local economy.

Events are typically the first Tuesday of each month. Drinks and food are included in the ticket price. For event notifications, make sure you sign up for our newsletter.

Nov 4: Hosted by Olla Flowers, Potluck Catering & Recipes for Success

Join these local leaders in social hiring for a unique co-hosted evening. Please note this event is NOT accessible.

The Olla Urban Flower Project is a unique flower shop inspired to create socially-conscious arrangements and living containers. We are building a social enterprise that is accountable to the community in which it is located, the downtown eastside (DTES), and to the environment. Olla buys local, urban and ethically traded flowers, composts their waste, and provides employment for residents of the DTES.

Potluck Café & Catering is Potluck Café is located in the heart of the city serving hundreds of corporate and non profit clients. Potluck is a registered charity whose café and catering revenue is directly invested back into its 5 community social programs that are integrated into its daily operations. Potluck’s Recipes for Success Services provides practical guidance for businesses of all kinds who employ people facing barriers to employment.

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Dec 2: Hosted by Kearney Funeral Services
Kearney Funeral Services is a Canadian and family-owned business, serving Vancouver for over 100 years. Kearney prides itself on providing ethical funeral services. Thomas Kearney founded the company in 1908 with a horse-drawn hearse and carriages. It continues to be run by seven Kearney-family descendants today.

Tom Crean took over the business in 1978. He became involved in consumer advocacy and public education early in his career after watching large funeral chains take over much of the market in B.C. Tom is also President of Canada’s Family Funeralhome Association. Under Tom’s care, Kearney Funeral Services has resisted takeover bids by several large U.S. corporations. As a result, Kearney Funeral Services is now the largest family funeral home company in B.C., and is the only Canadian owned or family run real funeral home left in the City of Vancouver, proper.

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Feb 3: Hosted by Donnelly Group
The Donnelly Group values guest experience above all. With an emphasis on locally sourced, quality products, impressive entertainment and interesting interior design, the Donnelly Group owns and operates public houses, cocktail taverns and nightclubs of note in Vancouver BC.
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Mar 3: Hosted by

Foodee is re-defining the corporate lunch hour and bring amazing meals to your office.  Foodee works with Vancouver’s best in class restaurants to deliver amazing food experiences in the workplace. Our restaurants provide quality meals with fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients that energize your team. All of our food comes in elegant, compostable packaging and we use Shift bicycle delivery and Modo Co-Op cars to lower your company’s carbon foodprint. We’ve also partnered with Growing City composting service and can offer composting programs for food and packaging. Our friendly drivers deliver on time, invoices are online, and we take dietary restrictions seriously. Our Food Concierges make you look awesome in front of your team by learning your needs and helping you organize meals for lunch meeting and staff functions.

Join LOCO and at their beautiful new office in gastown. Use the ticket form below to register, or visit the event registration page.

Talking Lunch Series

Share lunch, learn and discover over a quick lunch in this series of roundtable events.

Bring your own lunch or order ahead to have Bites on Bikes deliver a sandwich for you.
**Past events included Talking Food Producers (Feb 20, 2013), Talking Greenware for restaurants (Nov 14, 2012),  Talking Social Enterprise (Jun 19, 2013) and Struggles with Commercial Real Estate (Feb 27th 2014)**

Information Events

From time to time, we organize events on topics to local support local purchasing practices or to help support/grow local businesses.

**Past events included Introduction to  ESOPs: Employe Share Ownership Plans (April 2014)**

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