Group & Personal Insurance from Dehoney Financial Group (DFG)

Group Extended Health/Dental Insurance

LOCO’s Group Extended Health/Dental Insurance provides affordable and competitive rates for extended health and dental coverage. By bringing LOCO members together under a group plan, we can leverage our numbers to make coverage more affordable and flexible. The plan offers:

  • Competitive rates
  • Completely customizable options for your business and employees
  • Affordability – costs of approximately 3 – 6 % of annual payroll
  • Availability – for companies with 2 or more employees

Whether you need a new plan, or want to compare your existing benefits, get a no-obligation quote:

  1. Contact Erin Gunn at 604-742-4034 or
  2. Schedule a 15-minute phone call
  3. Provide some simple information about your employees
  4. Meet to review your options based on your needs and budget

For more info download the LOCO Benefits Plan brochure

Personal Extended Health/Dental Insurance

New! LOCO members can now apply for affordable personal health and dental insurance coverage. This is an exclusive offer. And, it’s simple to apply. As a LOCO member you have a wide range of choices designed to suit all budget and coverage needs. The plan offers:

  • No medical evidence for Base Plan and any Dental Only Plan
  • Pre-Authorized Payment, Credit Card or Direct Billing Options
  • Coverage for Singles, Couples or Families

To compare plans, get a quote, or apply, please visit the plan site. For rates and coverage options download the LOCO Personal Health & Dental brochure

Personal Health Services Plan (Cost Plus) 

With DFG’s Personal Health Services Plan there are no fixed monthly costs for health services. It provides a simple means to make your extended health costs tax efficient. No set-up charges apply. Contact Erin Gunn at 604-742-4034 or

For more information download the LOCO Personal Health Services Plan brochure

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance provides a tax-free, lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one of 25 covered conditions including cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Please visit for all plan details and rates.

Group Retirement Savings Plan

The LOCO Group Retirement Savings Plan helps you to help your employees save for retirement. Our plan features low management fees compared to most banks and several options for investment advice. Contact Ravi Hyare at 604-742-4031 or

For more infomation download the LOCO RSP Plan brochure