Consulting Services

Define Your Company’s Local Impact

Go beyond “local whenever possible.” LOCO can determine your percentage of local purchasing – local food and local services. We’ll also identify opportunities for you to deepen your impact and support you in telling your story.

Clients: Past clients include Aurora Bistro for the Green Table Network. Aurora’s Chef Jeff Van Geest is now Chef at Miradora Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek vineyard.

Local Impact Assessment & Strategy

We’re innovating to develop a new definition of local that includes economic factors-based on where the real economic value in local can be found, rather than simply miles or borders. We’ll are looking to work with local companies to determine the local impact of their business based on ownership, employment, cost of goods sold, non-inventory purchasing, transportation/distribution and charitable giving.

Green Your Business

Zero Waste Strategy & Implementation

LOCO has expertise in small business waste management developed over the past decade. We can help identify opportunities to reduce material use and increase donations, recycling & composting. Our goal is to help local businesses meet and exceed Metro Vancouver’s regional goals of 70% waste diversion by 2015 and 80% by 2020.

Clients: Current clients include Salt Spring Coffee; we’re helped them implement a system to track materials and reduce waste. They recently achieving 93.3% company-wide diversion.

B Corp Certification & Strategy

B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation. B Corp is an assessment and certification that looks at a whole company and the impact it has on its workforce, suppliers, community and the environment. You can think of it as a certification for sustainable business, like Fair Trade is to coffee, organic is to farming, or LEED is to buildings. It’s an assessment of the whole package, not just its parts.

The B Corp assessment:

  • Provides a benchmark for a company’s practices
  • Identifies potential areas of improvement
  • Can provide a certification to use as a trust mark

Becoming a certified B Corp means paying a fee and having the assessment reviewed, with the potential for an audit at some point. Re–certification happens every two years. There are 800 companies certified in the world (100 in Canada ~30 in Vancouver).

LOCO can help you understand what it takes to complete the assessment, become certified, and how to use B Corp improvement opportunities strategically, in line with your company’s mission and values.

Clients: Current clients include Salt Spring Coffee; we’re developing a B Corp implementation strategy that aligns with the company’s corporate sustainability priorities.