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Lydia Taylor, 3Fold Partners

Support Areas: Strategy

Lydia is Managing Partner at 3Fold Partners. Her strengths are strategic planning and guiding leaders through the challenges of their journey, particularly with respect to leadership and organizational development. Her expertise includes start-ups, business development, consumer and B2B sales and marketing, operations, and fundraising. She has worked with LOCO members Fairware, Ello, Bandidas and others. Find out more about Lydia here. Check Lydia’s availability here.

Hillary Samson, Samson Consulting

Support Areas: Operations (including operational growth planning), Systems Optimization, Business Planning, e-Commerce

Samson Consulting helps small to medium-sized business with their business planning and operational efficiency. Hillary works with clients to help them analyze and increase the health of their business through business plan writing, capacity planning, implementing policies and procedures, improving internal processes such as product development and project management, and establishing effective reporting. She has worked with LOCO members Boldt Communications Inc., Mala Collective, Tradeworks, Raised Eyebrow, Talk Science to Me, Lunapads and others. Hilary’s e-commerce experience was honed at her many years at (a division of Amazon). Find out more about Hillary here. Check Hillary’s availability here.

LOCO Member Testimonial:

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hillary for over 15 years. Hillary’s work at my company has truly changed my life, enabling me to move beyond sole proprietorship to owner of a growing marketing communications boutique agency. Her business savvy, natural understanding of our field (marketing communications) and adept skills in project and account management have been an invaluable addition to Boldt’s work, and it’s showing in the bottom line. Hillary’s focus on client relations, project management, contracts and business development frees me to do the work I love to do the most (and am at the best at). She’s transformed my relationship with my business, and can help you do the same with yours.”

– Leslie Boldt, President, Boldt Communications Inc.

Carla Shore

Support Areas: Communications, Public Relations, Plain Language Writing

Carla Shore works with C-Shore Communications, helping small to medium-sized business with communications and public relations. Carla is an award-winning, senior public relations strategist with talent for planning, coordinating and executing successful communications campaigns. Her ability to manage issues and plan for crises is matched by her skill in training clients on how to deal with media. Carla’s extensive portfolio has been built over 20 years, and includes news releases, newsletters, brochures, backgrounders, flyers, Websites, annual reports and news articles. She has provided PR support for LOCO’s #BCBuyLocal campaign for Buy Local Week 2014, and worked with LOCO members Vancouver Farmer’s Markets, Tacofino and others. Find out more about Carla on her LinkedIn profile. Check Carla’s availability here.

Jonathan Vroom, Paperclip Law

Support Areas: Legal

Jonathan Vroom is a lawyer with Paperclip Law. Paperclip Law is a boutique firm for practical business and personal legal advice and solutions. They are a firm that believes in keeping it simple. Dedicated to providing clients with attentive, adaptable and approachable support, whether they need help with business and trademarks, real estate, or estate planning and estate administration. Jonathan’s experience spans business, real estate and estate planning. Paperclip Law works with LOCO members Mills BasicsDehoney Financial Group and others. Find out more about Jonathan here. Check Jonathan’s availability here.


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Matthew Quetton, 3Fold Partners

Support Areas: Strategy

Matthew Quetton is a Capital Partner & Senior Strategist at 3Fold Partners. Matthew is a LOCO board member and has worked with many of our members in the past. He provides “Breakthrough strategies and business systems for visionary entrepreneurs”. He has worked with LOCO members ElloNatural PodBriteweb and others. Find out more about Matthew here. Matthew is occasionally available through individual booking. Inquire here.

Mark Jeffrey, Mark Jeffrey Consultants

Support Areas: Leadership, Strategy Thought Partner, Creating Healthy Workplace Culture, Navigating Interpersonal Staff Issues

Mark specializes in business strategy and implementation, change processes, and supporting leaders to navigate conflict. He supports leaders in diverse organizations to navigate conflict, facilitate dialogues, identify and step up to possibilities and change. Mark has worked with LOCO members MacinhomeVancity and others. Find out more about Mark here. Check Mark’s availability here.

LOCO Member Testimonials:

In all my time as a working professional, I’ve only known one person who could make clarity infectious: Mark Jeffrey. His ability to get to root causes, understand barriers and help bring people along from a place of confusion and doubt to a place of clarity and empowerment is something you have to witness to believe. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to work with Mark. And our company is better off for having him.

– William Azaroff, VP of Community Investment, Vancity

“I have a big vision. It’s taken me fifteen years and 6,500 client invoices to create it. I’m great with our clients when I work with them and they all love working with me. The problem was I didn’t know how to get my team up to my skill and experience level, nor did I know how to create systems and process for consultants to be trained up without my involvement. Mark’s help was incredibly valuable. He helped me clarify my vision and bridge the gap between where I’m at and where our consultants are. Mark had the wisdom and compassion to put himself in the shoes of our clients and our consultants, combined with the business savvy to provide simple next steps and an action plan for my to execute. Thumbs up, Mark! I will be recommending your service to others.”

– Lucas Roberts, MacInHome

Khalid Amlani, Akeroyd Leung Amlani Professional Accountants

Support Areas: Financial planning, tax, accounting and strategic financial advice

Khalid is a Chartered Accountant with a diverse background in accounting, finance and tax. Khalid has held the position of CFO with companies in the clean energy, mining and clean technology sectors. He specializes in providing tax and assurance services to small to medium size enterprises with a particular focus on valued-based businesses that have a sustainability vision. Khalid has over 10 years of experience helping his clients make sense of their numbers by providing tax, accounting and strategic business advice. Khalid has worked with LOCO members Momentum Venture Partners, Ello and Miller Titerle and others. Find out more about Khalid here. Check Khalid’s availability here.

Katja Macura, LOCO BC

Support Areas: Digital Strategy, Communications & Marketing, Sustainability & BCorp Performance Improvement Strategy

Katja is a strategic planning consultant with a background in digital strategy, branding communications and sustainability.  Her focus has been helping companies operationalize their vision by bringing creative ideas, business thinking, technology and sustainability strategy together to create unique business value. She has over 16 years experience as a strategist, information and business analyst, and facilitator for both global brands and independent businesses. Katja has a BComm from the University of British Columbia and MSc in leadership for sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. She has worked with LOCO members GreentoolsSaul Good Gift Co., and Salt Spring Coffee and others. Find out more about Katja here. Katja is occasionally available through individual booking. Inquire here.


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