Board of Directors

Amy Robinson

Amy has been applying her diverse skill set to sustainability in business for over a decade. Her experience spans from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to big industry, focusing of the business case for sustainability – the management, business, social and environmental benefits. Amy focuses on the implementation aspects of sustainability from an organizational systems point of view. She focuses on managing sustainability as change management from the starting point of an organization’s existing culture. Amy works both directly with business, and with organizations that support business, providing research and developing tools and guides to support implementation for some aspect of sustainability.

Amy works as a researcher, trainer and implementation consultant in sustainable procurement, waste management and greenhouse gas management with some of Vancouver’s best-known business sustainability programs – Green Table Network, Sustainability Purchasing Network and Climate Smart Business. She is intimately connected with the local sustainable business community, seeking opportunities to build community and partnerships to move sustainability deep into small and mid-sized businesses. A veteran of the Board of the BC Chapter of Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE BC), she understands what is needed to develop a thriving and sustainable business network in the region. She is well connected to the BALLE HQ staff and directors, who offer advice and support.

Katja Macura


Katja Macura

Katja is a strategic planning consultant with a background in digital strategy, branding communications and sustainability.  Her focus is on helping companies operationalize their vision by bringing creative ideas, business thinking, technology and sustainability strategy together to create unique business value. She has over 16 years experience as a strategist, information and business analyst, and facilitator for both global brands and independent businesses. Katja has a BComm from the University of British Columbia and MSc in leadership for sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Prior to joining LOCO, Katja had her own consulting practice for 9 years.  Earlier in her career she was Lead Strategist at Blast Radius where she developed the strategic planning process model and led the application of it to global clients such as Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe, HSBC, Atlantic Records and Nike. She was also on the management team of a Vancouver-based design consultancy where she led client engagements and helped grow the business from five to over 20 employees within two years. With this business background, Katja has a keen understanding of what is important to business leaders at all scales of organization. She is a champion for business success and believes in business as a powerful force for positive social change.



Kristin Bliek

Kristin is a designated accountant who gained most of her experience in full cycle accounting in a small-scale electronics manufacturing environment (Sona Optical Wireless). She recently had the opportunity to bring a large-scale not for profit treasury department up to date through a new systems implementation and has now shifted over to assist a large capital assets management group with improving efficiency and implementing new management processes at Translink. She is a young, tech-savvy professional, who picks up new systems quickly and has a knack for becoming the go to “expert”. She strives to improve efficiency in the systems and processes, believing that even small improvements in everyday procedures can lead to massive gains in the future.



Bonnie Foley-Wong

After a 15-year career working with entrepreneurs, investors, and financial institutions, she founded Pique Ventures, an investor network that inspires a new way of making investment decisions.  She began her career as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in Toronto and moved with the firm to London, UK in 1999. She embarked on an investment banking career with German and Dutch financial institutions and worked with a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund, evaluating financing and investment opportunities and moving money towards large, profitable projects.  In 2008 she returned to working with entrepreneurial businesses and in 2009 set up her own consultancy practice helping social entrepreneurs launch new ventures by advising on their business models and financial strategy.  Bonnie relocated to Vancouver in 2011 to join an impact lending and investment team of Vancity. Realizing that there continued to be a lack of diversity in the investment sector and that investment decision-making had not shifted to adequately meet the needs of emerging social ventures and innovative local businesses, she left the credit union and founded Pique Ventures in 2012.  Bonnie joined the Board of LOCO BC in September 2011 and was a mentor in the Women in Leadership Foundation’s 2012 mentorship program.


Leslie Shieh 

Leslie is an urban planner working in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a researcher and writer, with a passion for the concept of community and its role in urban governance in different planning cultures. Leslie is also Project Planner at River Market, a revitalized Westminster Quay Public Market. River Market’s tenants are solely local, independent businesses, with a focus on uniting people around the activities of food. The market hosts many arts and cultural activities with the goal of creating commerce, community and culture. River Market works to strengthen the links between residents and local businesses, and with the local food system.



Darren Stott 

Darren Stott has over 15 years of experience in the food retail industry. This includes store management, logistics, marketing and purchasing for one of the largest Co-op retailers in the UK. He also did retail analytics consulting for blue chip retailers and manufacturers such as Safeway, P&G and Unilever in the UK. Darren served as Director of Purchasing for the largest online organic home delivery company in North America, with 7 locations including Victoria.

In 2010 Darren started Greenchain Consulting, to use his food retail Blue Chip experience, to support BC local food initiatives through business planning, business strategizing, purchasing policies, operations and best practice research. Recent and relevant projects include New City Market (Vancouver food hub), Victoria Public Market, local food procurement in local school districts and food distribution in DTES.



Wes Regan

Wes has worked in community economic development since 2009, primarily in Vancouver’s inner-city where he is currently the Executive Director of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association. HxBIA represents over 600 businesses and property owners and was founded with social innovation and social inclusion embedded into its constitution and programming. Wes also consults to non-profits and businesses on such things as social impact purchasing, social impact hiring, and communications/content development. He holds degrees in geography from both Langara College and Simon Fraser University, where he is currently completing his Master’s in Urban Studies. His thesis research area is urban developmental policy in Vancouver and its impacts on independently owned small businesses.



Matthew Quetton

A dynamic and creative strategist and social entrepreneur with a range of business, non-profit, design and consulting experience. Coupling strategic thinking with vision and values-based leadership, Matthew finds opportunities for innovation, growth and value creation that build on the core values and competencies of an organization, leading to breakthrough business and impact outcomes. His strengths are strategy, capital and business system support through an integrated approach to value creation for Entrepreneur, Family Business, Social Enterprise and Non-profit clients to achieve rapid growth and increased returns to investors, funders and stakeholders.


 Ryan Spong

Ryan Spong 

Ryan is a seasoned financial executive and entrepreneur. He began his professional career in the financial services industry, in Toronto, London, New York, and most recently, his hometown of Vancouver. Upon returning to Vancouver in 2005, Ryan founded Mainstreet Advisors, a boutique financing company, which has raised several million dollars for micro-cap and small-cap companies, some of which he has served as CEO, CFO, and advised to. In 2006, he founded Raincity Construction which he sold in 2012 to Power Civil Contractors. In 2011, he purchased Tacofino Cantina, a local food services company, and has grown the revenue twenty times in just 3 years. In September 2012, he joined Foodee where he has grown revenue threefold. In addition to the LOCO Board, Ryan also currently sits on the board of the Beaumont Studios Art Society.


Christine Pilkington


Christine Pilkington

Having worked with some of the world’s top brands and leading media companies, Christine Pilkington has been a consultant, speaker, writer and entrepreneur of digital media properties for over 15 years. Her company Crisp Media Inc. produces online magazines across Canada that provide the local mom’s perspective on restaurants and shops. Its local property is the go-to resource for urbanite moms who love where they live. Crisp Media also hosts several live events, including Leading Moms, an annual event that showcase the achievements of moms locally, nationally and around the globe.