LOCO Businesses are hiring this spring

Earnest Ice Cream is hiring a Production Manager

This is an opportunity to join the core leadership team of Earnest Ice Cream, a young and growing values-led business that prioritizes creativity and innovation, while making Vancouver’s best ice cream. The Production Manager mentors and leads the production teams, while collaborating on new flavour development and contributing to the EIC community. Find out more


Fairware is hiring an Account Manager

At Fairware, we believe we can change the world through the simple act of buying. We provide promotional merchandise to North America’s leading sustainable brands. The Account Manager will be responsible for developing and managing new and existing business in the US and Canada. You’ll work with the Fairware team to ensure the highest level of customer service is achieved. Working full time from our Vancouver offices, you’ll provide stellar account management with existing accounts while growing your sales book with new business. You’ll help your clients get great merchandise that animates their brand and showcases their values. Find out more


The Sharing Farm seeks Volunteer Treasurer

The Sharing Farm grows food to feed Richmond families in need. The Farm is run by community members for community members, and is dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, local produce to our less fortunate neighbours. The Sharing Farm operates on a tiny budget, but thanks to the generosity of our over 1,000 yearly volunteers and the devotion of a small core of part-time staff, the Farm is able to provide thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables every year to community meals throughout the city and the Richmond Food Bank. The Treasurer is the Society Board member acting as steward of all funds of the Society in concert with the Society bookkeeper and Executive Director. As such he keeps the Board of Directors informed of all matters pertaining to the finances of the Society. Contact The Sharing Farm to find out more.

LOCO Businesses are hiring (again)!

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is hiring a Development Manager

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is the ass-kickingest arts organization in Vancouver (some might say in Canada), on the cutting edge of contemporary performance, and leading the charge to put arts and culture at the centre of Vancouver’s evolving brand. If you are (or know) a development professional who loves the arts, wants to work with an amazing team, and is committed to making this city truly world class, please share/apply for the Development Manager role!

MP Maintenance is hiring a Property Maintenance Supervisor

MP Maintenance is a solid team of skilled individuals performing quality exterior cleaning and landscaping work. We work at a variety of locations around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We build our business by doing top-notch work, while helping to build an “on-ramp to employment.” Our supervisors work alongside individuals who are facing challenges to find employment, but are motivated to excel when given the right opportunity. MP Maintenance is a social enterprise of Mission Possible.
Mission Possible is hiring a Community Life Coordinator

Mission Possible’s Community Life Coordinator will supervise the Community Life Assistant and Nutrition Coordinator as they work together to build a community that supports Downtown Eastside residents who are on a journey toward sustainable employment. This community will be open to those who are at any stage on the Employment Readiness Program continuum. The core responsibilities of the Community Life Coordinator are to build a culture of momentum that encourages and empowers individuals to make positive movement toward work, and the planning, organizing and executing of gathering activities.

Fairware is hiring an Account Manager

At Fairware, we believe we can change the world through the simple act of buying. The Account Manager will be responsible for developing and managing new and existing business in the US and Canada. You’ll work with the Fairware team to ensure the highest level of customer service is achieved. Working full time from our Vancouver offices, you’ll provide stellar account management with existing accounts while growing your sales book with new business. You’ll help your clients get great merchandise that animates their brand and showcases their values.

LOCO Businesses are Hiring!

Homestead Junction is hiring a Purchaser & Warehouse Coordinator

If you become our new Purchaser & Warehouse Coordinator, you’ll be in charge of keeping physical items moving in and out of our store in an orderly manner. You’ll order stuff from our vendors, receive shipments as they come in, maintain our storage/warehousing area in impeccable order, track what needs to be repackaged or assembled, and oversee our web order fulfullment program. You’ll help make important decisions about what products we carry, and regularly contribute to improving our business processes. You’ll operate as part of a team, but with a great deal of autonomy and ownership over your role. And every once in a while, you might just fill in at front-of-house, because that’s what happens in a small company like ours! Find out more.


Novex Delivery Solutions is hiring a Sales & Marketing Manager

A solid and growing business for 35 years, Novex continues to be innovative and creative as it serves the Lower Mainland’s same-day delivery needs. The mission for the Sales and Marketing Manager is to grow Novex’s triple bottom lines, and attract and retain exceptional customers. This senior role requires working closely with the CEO to drive sales growth and sales activities in alignment with the company’s vision and values. Find out more.


Urban Digs farms is hiring a full-time Farmer

At Urban Digs we are farmers first, and it takes one to know one. We supply families and chefs with trustworthy meat, eggs and produce grown at our farm and by other farmers we know. We are looking for a full-time farmer to manage and operate our small farm in South Burnaby starting April/May 2016 through to October/November 2016. Might also suit a couple who want to job share. You must have at least 2 years’ experience and be able to work independently. Most importantly you must care passionately about the work that you do and be aligned with the farm’s values. Find out more.


RTOWN is hiring Digital Media Sales Representatives in Victoria, Kelowna and the Lower Mainland

We are seeking a sharp, experienced sales person with a proven track record of success to be the next Digital Media Sales Representative to join our growing sales team. This is a proven outside sales role with proven products. You will be acquiring & managing local clients – preferably in the neighbourhood or town that you live in. As a Digital Media Sales Representative, you will be responsible for listening, assessing and making service & solution recommendations that are aligned with success for all parties. Find out more.


JustWork is looking for a new Executive Director

We are looking to hire a new ED to replace our current director, who will be moving away from the area in the summer of 2016. The new Director will continue developing our capacity to offer meaningful employment by building and stewarding our partnerships with businesses, churches, foundations, customers and employees. Find out more.


New Research Report: The Impact of Online Shopping on Local Businesses


Just in time for the 4th annual BC Buy Local Week, LOCO BC launches a new research report highlighting a growing trend in online shopping, how BC businesses are competing online, and what motivates online shoppers. Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • Online shopping is a growing trend in Canada. Sales are expected to double by in the next four years, from $22 Billion in 2014 to $40 Billion by 2019.
  • B.C. retailers cite “competition from internet retailers” as one of two top challenges they face (tied for top issue at 64% along with “big competitors receive better pricing & terms”).
  • Very few businesses feel they are marketing themselves effectively. The majority of them are spending less than $200/year on advertising.
  • 2 out of every 3 dollars spent online by Canadians goes to a U.S. retail website.
  • Cross border online shopping reduces the amount of money circulating in the local economy by up to 32%.
  • The higher the volume of online purchasing a consumer does, the more likely it is that they purchase with chains versus local businesses. Those whose online purchases make up less than
  • 50% of their overall consumer spending are spending approximately equal amounts with chains as local businesses. However, those spending between 75-99% online shop with chains twice as often as with local businesses.
  • Consumers value local. Of Canadian consumers surveyed, 69% valued Canadian ownership as “Most Important” or “Important” when shopping. Over 50% of consumers are seeking locally made products and nearly 50% prefer to buy from companies right in their Province or City.
  • Consumers would spend more money online with local businesses if they offered convenient shipping, e-stores and a better consumer experience navigating their online stores.

Download the report

BC Buy Local Week Press Release


For Immediate Release

BC local businesses advised to step up online selling as Buy Local Week launches in BC
(November 30, 2015 – Vancouver, BC) The fourth annual Buy Local Week in BC kicked off today, celebrating the big impact buying locally has on the local economy and on communities across BC, and highlighting a new report showing that local businesses need to step up efforts to sell and market online.

“During BC Buy Local Week, we are celebrating local businesses and how they create more than double the economic impact of their chain competitors, but they need to ramp up efforts to market and sell online” says Amy Robinson, founder and co-executive director of LOCO BC, which coordinates Buy Local Week in the province. “Our new report shows that consumers want local, and yet those who shop heavily online are buying from chains twice as often. Although many of the most tech savvy businesses are using web and mobile technologies, few feel they are marketing themselves effectively against the online competition, so we hope our new BC Buy Local campaign will connect more local businesses and consumers online.”

Buy Local Week 2015 runs from November 30 to December 6 and has been proclaimed by the Province of BC and many cities and regions around the province, including Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, Whistler, Squamish, LIllooet and Victoria. Other participating communities include Langley, Abbotsford and Tofino.

For every dollar people spend with local businesses, that money recirculates in their community and creates $2.60 of economic impact for their region. Consumers are being encouraged to shift some of their holiday spending to locally owned businesses, and to look for local grown and locally made products wherever they shop.

Throughout the year, participating local BC businesses will be promoting their local owned businesses, local grown and local made products with bright pink stickers and other materials to highlight their impact, using the hashtag #BCBuyLocal to amplify their efforts on social media. Consumers are invited to participate on social media by sharing photos of their local shopping and the pink stickers, and looking to bcbuylocal.com as a resource for BC products and businesses.

As part of the launch of BC Buy Local Week, LOCO BC today released a new report called “The Impact of Online Shopping on Local Business”, which examines how the shift to more online shopping has impacted locally owned businesses who are now competing with large chain stores across North America. Some highlights include:

●      64% of BC retailers cite “competition from internet retailers” as one of their top challenges, yet very few businesses feel they are marketing themselves effectively online. The majority are spending less than $99/year on digital advertising.

●      Canadian retailers capture only 1 of every 3 dollars spent online, and the more online shopping consumers do, the more likely it is that they purchase with chains versus local businesses.

●      Consumers want local, with 69% reporting that Canadian ownership was important to them when shopping, and more than half saying they seek out locally made products. About half of consumers report that they prefer to buy from companies right in their province or city.

●      Consumers would spend more money online with local businesses if these businesses offered convenient shipping, e-stores and a better online experience including easy navigation.

“The average Canadian consumer will spend about $1,500 on food, alcohol, gifts and travel this holiday season. If they shift just 1% – a $15 dollar purchase – of that spending to local business, their money will multiply local wealth and support stronger communities and more jobs,” adds Robinson. “We hope this report spurs local businesses to improve their online presence and e-commerce capabilities to capture more of this spending.”

For a copy of the report, visit www.locobc.com/resources. For more information about BC Buy Local, along with resources to help consumers find local businesses and products, visit www.bcbuylocal.com.

LOCO BC is a non-profit local business alliance in British Columbia working to strengthen communities, grow the local economy, and build strong, sustainable businesses. LOCO BC coordinates Buy Local Week, an annual celebration of local business to promote the contributions that BC businesses make to our economy and our communities. The goal of the BC Buy Local Campaign is to illuminate the local market, making BC-based businesses, products, food and wines more visible to consumers.


Media contact:
Carla Shore
C-Shore Communications Inc.
P: 604-329-0975

Wildcrafted Wool: How I Narrowly Averted E-Commerce Fraud

wildcraftedwoolhemp_bag_largeThis is a guest blog by LOCO Member Wildcrafted Wool

To those members conducting business on the Internet, this is for you!  As a maker/artist, I was recently targeted by fraudsters through my website’s online store. I know this happens all the time and that’s why it’s important I tell you about it.

It all begins over a month ago when I was approached by a potential customer calling him/herself by the name “Hannes Arne” of “sweetbodystore@hotmail.com” and claiming to live in a rural town in Holland. She messaged me through the contact form on my website asking if I ship internationally to Europe. We begin an email exchange. She claimed she owned a small boutique and wanted to buy my “lovely” products for her store. Her emails were professional sounding and believable.

Little did I know, Shopify (my e-commerce web host) had blocked her credit card after multiple failed attempts but did not alert me. The fraudster therefore manages to place his/her order using a second credit card. Both cards are likely stolen.

“Hannes” requested I ship through a third party shipper that she uses for her North American orders that will deliver directly to her door. This is a lot easier for her since there is limited mail delivery. I thought it was strange that there was no website for her shipper and just this sketchy Facebook page. And so I got suspicious…

I quickly realize this is a common fraud scheme and cancel and refund the order.  Thank goodness!! Otherwise, I would have been responsible for the amount charged in full when the rightful cardholder disputed the funds.

And then the plot thickens. The very next day I’m getting calls on my private cell phone that is NOT published publicly. The numbers are always different and they leave voice mail asking to speak with me immediately about my website. I realize the numbers aren’t in service so I can’t phone them back. I’ll never know how these fraudsters got my personal information. Pretty frightening. And I think it’s a little more than coincidental that I got these calls the day after I cancelled a fraudulent order…

And finally, how do these fraudsters make their money? Well, the shipping company is fake and so that “shipping” money goes straight to their hidden pockets. So hidden that law enforcement claims they can’t do anything.

And that’s why I’ve devised a sleuthy anti-fraud checklist for all online orders. Check it out:

  • Call the number on the order and make sure that it actually exists. Also, check if the area code matches their location
  • Verify that the billing and shipping addresses match
  • Use a search engine to look up the email address and look for hits containing reported fraud
  • Verify the customer’s IP address and ensure it matches where they say they’re from
  • Pay special attention to high value orders
  • Verify the shipping company is a legit company or don’t use third party shippers you haven’t heard of before
  • Find out what risk analysis and anti-fraud tools your web host provides. Ensure you have notifications turned on

I hope my story spreads awareness and prevention when it comes to extortion fraud and E-commerce. The more we know, the less they’ll be able to extort and therefore the less viable it is for them. However, it’s important to not become overly cautious and suspicious! While web hosts and e-commerce platforms have security and risk analysis in place, I realized pretty quickly that when things go wrong it’s “blame the seller”. We have to verify who we’re really doing business with at the end of the day and for now, I’m sticking to craft fairs and local boutiques for the majority of my revenue.

Dalia, Owner/Artisan





New LOCO Business Clinic Advisors: Focus on Carla Shore

Carla Shore works with C-Shore Communications, helping small to medium-sized business with communications and public relations. Carla is an award-winning, senior public relations strategist with talent for planning, coordinating and executing successful communications campaigns. Her ability to manage issues and plan for crises is matched by her skill in training clients on how to deal with media. Carla’s extensive portfolio has been built over 20 years, and includes news releases, newsletters, brochures, backgrounders, flyers, Websites, annual reports and news articles. She has provided PR support for LOCO’s #BCBuyLocal campaign for Buy Local Week 2014, and worked with LOCO members Vancouver Farmer’s Markets, Tacofino and others. Find out more about Carla on her LinkedIn profile.

1. What are your areas of expertise?
I help organizations with communications issues, including public relations, communications strategy and planning, media relations, spokesperson media training, plain language writing, issues management, corporate social responsibility and messaging for marketing, social media and communications campaigns.

2. What type of clients do you typically work with?
I’ve worked with non profit organizations, corporate clients, government departments and agencies, health organizations, and in just about every industry possible. I work with social entrepreneurs, start ups, large companies, and with many public institutions like school districts, libraries, health authorities, regulatory bodies, etc.

3. What are the business challenges you most often help  your clients solve/address?
In short, I help businesses work out what they want to say, who they want to say it to, and what they want to happen once they’ve said it. Then I help them work out which tools are the best ones to get those messages delivered.

4. How do you help?
I bring an outside perspective to the business, to show them what their messaging looks like to someone not in their inner circle. I help clarify their communications objectives and goals, their key messages, help define their target audiences, and help them understand which communications methods and tools will yield which results.

5. How can you help a business in a 1-hour business clinic session?
As a first step, I can help a business understand what their communications needs might be, what they could be doing differently, how to clarify their messaging, and what next steps would help them achieve their communications objectives. I can also help develop their messaging into plain language to ensure they are being heard by the right audiences.

New LOCO Business Clinic Advisors: Focus on Hillary Samson

Hillary Samson works with Samson Consulting, helping small to medium-sized business with their business planning and operational efficiency. Hillary works with clients to help them analyze and increase the health of their business through business plan writing, capacity planning, implementing policies and procedures, improving internal processes such as product development and project management, and establishing effective reporting. She has worked with LOCO members Boldt Communications Inc.Mala CollectiveTradeworks, Raised Eyebrow, Talk Science to Me, Lunapads and others. Hilary’s e-commerce experience was honed at her many years at Abesbooks.com (a division of Amazon). Find out more about Hillary on her LinkedIn profile.

1. What are your areas of expertise?
I offer support for operations to small and medium-sized values-based businesses, not-for-profits and social enterprises including:  tailored process and procedures, systems implementation, capacity planning, project and product management, operational growth planning, and reporting. I work with leaders in all industries, although I have a specialization in e-commerce operations.

2. What type of clients do you typically work with?
I work with values-based entrepreneurs and social enterprise leaders who are at some stage of change or growth in their organization, or are experiencing recurring issues in operations. (A sure sign a system is faltering!).

3. What are the business challenges you most often help  your clients solve/address?
When the organization is going through some sort of change, often growth, and the current way that they run their business isn’t working any more. It isn’t as effective or efficient as it used to be, or as they feel it could be. This could show up as: low margins; communication problems with staff, contractors and customers; a lack of understanding of the current health of the business; and/or lack of clarity on where the business or enterprise is heading and what the best next step is. I help identify systems that are not scalable and guide the leader to know how to gather information so that they can make better decisions moving forward.

4. How do you help?
I help clients with anything systems-based or internal facing (how the business is run). With my regular clients I almost always start with helping them create or refine their projections so that we can have a realistic understanding of how the money is coming in and going out.

I also analyze a business’ capacity, making sure that the team (or solopreneur) is focusing mostly on their high-value tasks, seeing where there is room for growth, or understanding where the capacity needs to change to accommodate growth and/or reduce costs.

I conduct operational audits to evaluate the business’ current processes, procedures, policies and systems, make recommendations for change as needed, and help with creation/implementation of new procedures or systems. Crafting or improving regular reporting is key so that we can continue to understand the health of the business and how any changes are working.

5. How can you help a business in a 1-hour business clinic session?
The best way I can help is if the business leader has a specific problem about how their business operates – what area of the business isn’t working well, what is causing recurring problems, what is keeping them up at night about how their business is running. I also help with what is the next step of operational growth: should I hire staff or contractors?; do I have the capacity to launch a new product or service?; as the business leader, where should I focus my time and what do I need to know so that the business can grow?

Bringing a recent income statement (P&L) to the session is particularly helpful.

New LOCO Business Clinic Advisors: Focus on Jonathan Vroom

Jonathan Vroom is a lawyer with Paperclip Law. Paperclip Law is a boutique firm for practical business and personal legal advice and solutions. They are a firm that believes in keeping it simple. Dedicated to providing clients with attentive, adaptable and approachable support, whether they need help with business and trademarks, real estate, or estate planning and estate administration. Jonathan’s experience spans business, real estate and estate planning. Paperclip Law works with LOCO members Mills BasicsDehoney Financial Group and others. Find out more about Jonathan here.

1. What are your areas of expertise?

Small business law and real estate including commercial real estate and estate planning. One of the areas of focus for Paperclip Law is food sector businesses.

2. What type of clients do you typically work with?

New or existing business owners that require assistance with either starting up a business or in the day to day operations of a business.

3. What are the business challenges you most often help  your clients solve/address?

Any legal assistance they require for the operation of their business. For example, drafting and reviewing contracts, incorporating, setting up companies, buying and selling companies, financing and investment.

4. How do you help?

I provide in-depth, yet straight forward advice on how to solve their legal issues.

5. How can you help a business in a 1-hour business clinic session?

The 1 hour business clinic session can be used for us to review their legal challenges and advise them on how to address those issues. We can either advise them on the spot on how to proceed, or refer them to a lawyer who specializes in that area of law.

New LOCO Business Clinic Advisors: Focus on Khalid Amlani

Khalid Amlani is a Chartered Accountant with Akeroyd Leung Amlani (ALA). ALA provides accounting services, tax planning & compliance, and advisory services to help clients make informed decisions on everything from incorporation to financial planning. Khalid has over 10 years of experience helping his clients make sense of their numbers by providing tax, accounting and strategic business advice. Khalid has worked with LOCO members Momentum Venture Partners, Ello and Miller Titerle and others. Find out more about Khalid here.

1. What are your areas of expertise?

Our firm’s focus is on providing tax, accounting, assurance and financial consulting to a wide range of businesses from start-up companies to mid-size companies. We strive to understand the clients short and long term goals and work with them to provide accounting and tax solutions tailored to their needs. Typically, this can include tax compliance, estate planning and financial reporting.

2. What type of clients do you typically work with?

We have years of working with businesses of all different sizes and industries. We have established our selves as a “go-to” firm for start-up and owner-managed companies that want to make sure that they are well positioned for growth. We also have a focus on professional practices in the medical field including doctors, dentists and other medical practitioners. Each client is different, and we provide custom tax and accounting advice that our clients require.

3. What are the business challenges you most often help  your clients solve/address?

We help our clients with any business challenge that may have a financial impact. Most often we are dealing with growing companies. As they grow, taxes become an important issue, so we work to manage all their tax filings and provide tax planning strategies to minimize their tax burden. Another challenge that faces growing companies is although revenue and net income may be increasing, cash flow never seems to keep up. We provide clarity surrounding the working capital life cycle and recommend solutions to increase cash flow.

4. How do you help?

Business owners have a lot of things to worry about – we try to make taxes and accounting NOT one of those things.  We handle their annual tax compliance needs and help them plan for the future.

5. How can you help a business in a 1-hour business clinic session?

The 1 hour business clinic session can be used for us to gain an understanding of you and your business and provide some recommendations on tax/accounting issues that need urgent attention and others that you should keep in your mind as you grow.