Advisor Availability & Booking: Hillary Samson

Hillary Samson, Samson Consulting

Support Areas: Operations (including operational growth planning), Systems Optimization, Business Planning, e-Commerce

Samson Consulting helps small to medium-sized business with their business planning and operational efficiency. Hillary works with clients to help them analyze and increase the health of their business through business plan writing, capacity planning, implementing policies and procedures, improving internal processes such as product development and project management, and establishing effective reporting. She has worked with LOCO members Boldt Communications Inc., Mala Collective, Tradeworks, Raised Eyebrow, Talk Science to Me, Lunapads and others. Hilary’s e-commerce experience was honed at her many years at (a division of Amazon). Find out more about Hillary here.

LOCO Member Testimonial:

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hillary for over 15 years. Hillary’s work at my company has truly changed my life, enabling me to move beyond sole proprietorship to owner of a growing marketing communications boutique agency. Her business savvy, natural understanding of our field (marketing communications) and adept skills in project and account management have been an invaluable addition to Boldt’s work, and it’s showing in the bottom line. Hillary’s focus on client relations, project management, contracts and business development frees me to do the work I love to do the most (and am at the best at). She’s transformed my relationship with my business, and can help you do the same with yours.”

– Leslie Boldt, President, Boldt Communications Inc.

Special Pricing

Please note that special pricing can not be combined. For example, if you are a non-member you can use the 25% code ($75 for the first session) OR the 50% off code ($50 for the first session) if your business is a Vancity member.

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Schedule & Booking

LOCO’s Business Clinic currently runs every Friday from 10am-12pm.

April 1st, 2016: Clinic Advisor Hillary Samson

10:00 am Session

11:00 am Session

April 29th, 2016: Clinic Advisor Hillary Samson

10:00 am Session

11:00 am Session

May 27th, 2016: Clinic Advisor Hillary Samson

10:00 am Session

11:00 am Session