LOCO BC is a non-profit local business alliance working to strengthen communities, grow the local economy and build strong, sustainable businesses by encouraging a shift in local purchasing by consumers, businesses and institutions/government. Our work is predicated on the belief that economic sustainability, along with social and environmental sustainability forms the bedrock of healthy and resilient communities. We encourage purchasers to buy from B.C.-based companies, and to buy B.C. goods and services based on a shared commitment to strong communities, a healthy environment, meaningful employment and fair trade practices.

LOCO’s overarching goal is to increase the overall market share for local business in the province by shifting purchasing towards local, independently owned businesses. As such, we are focused on the flow of dollars towards local business and the flow of dollars between local businesses that create the economic multiplier effect. Our bias for local is based on the principals of sustainability – that local businesses enhance our community, connect and support us socially, enhance wealth and employment by circulating dollars many times between businesses, and environmentally. We are committed to increasing the share of local purchasing dollars that goes to progressive, innovative businesses with a demonstrated commitment to the values of social and environmental sustainability.

LOCO is one of 80 North American local independent business networks of the umbrella-group BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies). LOCO is a self-funded, non-profit organization. Our operating revenues are derived from membership, consulting and grant funding (often deliverable or program related).

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