New LOCO Business Clinic Advisors: Focus on Carla Shore

Carla Shore works with C-Shore Communications, helping small to medium-sized business with communications and public relations. Carla is an award-winning, senior public relations strategist with talent for planning, coordinating and executing successful communications campaigns. Her ability to manage issues and plan for crises is matched by her skill in training clients on how to deal with media. Carla’s extensive portfolio has been built over 20 years, and includes news releases, newsletters, brochures, backgrounders, flyers, Websites, annual reports and news articles. She has provided PR support for LOCO’s #BCBuyLocal campaign for Buy Local Week 2014, and worked with LOCO members Vancouver Farmer’s Markets, Tacofino and others. Find out more about Carla¬†on her LinkedIn profile.

1. What are your areas of expertise?
I help organizations with communications issues, including public relations, communications strategy and planning, media relations, spokesperson media training, plain language writing, issues management, corporate social responsibility and messaging for marketing, social media and communications campaigns.

2. What type of clients do you typically work with?
I’ve worked with non profit organizations, corporate clients, government departments and agencies, health organizations, and in just about every industry possible. I work with social entrepreneurs, start ups, large companies, and with many public institutions like school districts, libraries, health authorities, regulatory bodies, etc.

3. What are the business challenges you most often help  your clients solve/address?
In short, I help businesses work out what they want to say, who they want to say it to, and what they want to happen once they’ve said it. Then I help them work out which tools are the best ones to get those messages delivered.

4. How do you help?
I bring an outside perspective to the business, to show them what their messaging looks like to someone not in their inner circle. I help clarify their communications objectives and goals, their key messages, help define their target audiences, and help them understand which communications methods and tools will yield which results.

5. How can you help a business in a 1-hour business clinic session?
As a first step, I can help a business understand what their communications needs might be, what they could be doing differently, how to clarify their messaging, and what next steps would help them achieve their communications objectives. I can also help develop their messaging into plain language to ensure they are being heard by the right audiences.

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